The Trail Through Peoria is a Real Asset

We just came back from a brisk bike ride on the trail that runs through Peoria. What a great asset Peoria offers! We generally get on at the corner of Giles and Knoxville and head north toward Pioneer Parkway. Along the way we pass through wooded areas, cross a bridge, see many backyards, cross Teton, enjoy some nice gardens, scare dozens of rabbits into the woods, and enjoy nature. It's very close to Knoxville, but because of the thickness of the trees and bushes, we have never seen this nature before from our cars on Knoxville. How many years have we cruised that area on Knoxville and never thought about what was on the other side of the woods? And the people we see along the trail? Many nationalities, walkers and riders of all ages, men and women in equal numbers, babies in strollers, walkers chatting away, runners with iPods in their ears, and plenty of dogs walking their masters. Don't worry about what your bike looks like --- mine is a fat wheeled bike with no gears and old fashioned brakes. Sometimes we go further north to where Route 6 crosses the trail. Other times we turn around at Pioneer Pkwy and go south to Midsate College and back by Kellar. It's all good fun and great exercise. Try it sometime. Peoria should be proud.