Top Six Reasons Why Working With Sports Corner in Peoria Heights IL is Better Than Calling Some 800# Website

And finally we have reached the #1 Reason........

1. I want to put in a personal disclosure here.  This particular blog is not being written by the person who runs Sports Corner on a daily basis.  Instead, it is being penned by her husband because I wanted to give you a personal perspective of what it is like being the owner of a small business. You will not find anyone who cares more, who works harder, who is more committed to the quality of your order, and who will watch out for your order more than Karen Waldo, the owner of Sports Corner. You will not find the same commitment and caring when you call a stranger on the other end of the 800#.

When you order T-Shirts or Sweatshirts or some other spirit wear or business apparel, she mobilizes to get the correct sizes and the exact quantity of each. Sometimes it takes multiple suppliers due to inventory shortages, and she coordinates the entire order through screenprinting and embroidery. Getting the proper artwork in usable form can often be very time consuming, but is critical. She then checks each finished piece for quality of the work. Each piece of every order is touched and checked by Karen several times. Nobody cares more about each aspect of this business than the owner of the business. And when she is there everyday to help every customer, you the customer will recognize the difference in your experience. THAT is the #1 reason to bring your business to Sports Corner.